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15th Mass Wedding Ceremony :: 2 December 2009
Source : St Mary's Catholic Church Dubai News Network

With its humble beginnings in 1994, the Mass Wedding Programme initiated by the Filipino Community (Filcom) in association with the Legion of Mary will be celebrating its 15th Programme on 2nd December 2009.  The aim is to encourage couples to solemnize their vows in church at minimal cost and time.  It also provides assistance in the preparation process especially in following the rules set by the church.  These include marriage preparation course, helping couples receive sacraments needed prior to receiving matrimony and even assisting in getting proper documents.


With 20 couples taking part in 2008, the programme has now successfully led more than 300 couples to avail of a church wedding.  This proves that the programme is one of the successful ministries of the St Mary's Catholic Church in Dubai.


As the Mass Wedding Programme is open not only to Filipinos, but also for the faithful from other communities/nationalities, all those couples who want to solemnize their marriage or, singles who intend to get married, should take advantage of this opportunity and register themselves. Last date to register and submit all documents is Friday 6 November 2009.


For further details please contact any of the following persons:


Sis. Juliet Solas           050-6556942

Bro.Carlos Nacpil       050-6355021  

Sis Rexy F Marty        050-6846929

Bro. Lino Paminiano   050-1499665

Sis. Emolyn Bucsit      050-5853482

Bro. Abet Redondo    050-4537645


Basic Requirements for the Mass Wedding:


Original Baptism Certificate with 6 months validity, stamped with "Freedom to Marry" from local parish priest or from where baptized

Certificate of Confirmation

Duly filled up wedding application with 2" x 2" photos (one each)

Completion of Marriage preparation course


Additional Documents:

If already married (civil): Photocopy of the marriage certificate (certified and authenticated by the Philippine National Statistics Office or Census Office, Department of Foreign Affairs or Embassy)


If single: a) Affidavit of parental consent, duly authenticated by the Regional Trial Court, Malacanang and Department of Foreign Affairs

b) Certificate of No Record of Marriage from the NSO duly authenticated by Malacanang and the DFA

c) Two joint affidavit of non-Filipino witnesses in the UAE and their passport copies, guaranteeing your legal/civil status as single


If foreigner marrying a Filipino national: a) Two joint affidavit of non-Filipino witnesses in the UAE and their passport copies guaranteeing your legal/civil status as single.

b) Certificate of moral character from UAE Police

c) Certificate of Employment/business stating the number of years service and current salary income from employer

d) Certificate of Civil Status/Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage for non-Filipino from their respective Embassies


For both foreign nationals: a) Certificate of Civil Status/Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage from their respective Embassies



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